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Massage. Stress is the cause of more of societies health problems today then anything else. While stress can be useful at times, too much of it or having it prolonged for a time as is common these days is what causes negative reactions, feelings and thoughts.

There is however things that you can do to help manage your stress level and they can be done naturally and effectively. Massage is a holistic treatment, which addresses the whole persons psychological, physical and emotional well -being; it involves the kneading and manipulation of soft tissue.

Massage is perhaps the oldest and most widely recognized and accepted form of treatment for stress management. Massage has been practiced as a healing therapy for centuries in nearly every culture around the world. Sometimes just the human touch is all one needs to feel a little bit better.

Massage is not something that is only attainable at a fancy health club, exclusive country club or resort. There are plenty of practitioners available who are skilled in massage techniques that are affordable. There are even people who will come to your home or place of work to do massage.

The great thing about massage is that you dont even need a professional. It is also something that you can do yourself in times of stress when no one is around or you cannot get out to get a massage. Self-massage is actually an ancient Eastern ritual.

It is known not only to relieve stress and tension in the body but also to increase circulation, lower blood pressure and reduce fatigue. Self massage also helps you to get in tune with and form an emotional bond with your body. Giving you a massage at least three times a week is strongly recommended.

To massage your back, sit up straight, position the fingers of both hands on either side of the spine. Gently walk your fingers up your back as far as you can go, and back down again.  

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Considering that up to one in four people suffer from the adverse health affects that stress can cause and it is estimated that possibly anywhere from seventy to ninety percent of adult visits to doctors are due to stress related complaints costing an estimated 300 billion dollars annually to American industry it would be most beneficial to everyone to take a natural approach to stress management. While everyone experiences stress at some time or another and there are common symptoms and causes, the reaction can be very different from person to person as are the causes of stress. What causes one person to be highly stressed may not bother another in the least. When we are anxious, hurried, worried or feel threatened our bodies begin to tense up. Constant worry or mental anguish causes constant tension, or stress and begins to take a toll on the body, mind and emotions. This may result in anger, depression, fatigue, physical pain, irritability and many other unpleasant and undesirable reactions. If one can identify what it is that causes them to be in this state then stress can be effectively managed and controlled. stress

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To massage your neck and shoulders lie on your side and using slow, circular movements, massage the side and back of your neck, then work your way to the upper back as far as you can comfortably reach, do one side then the other. To massage your legs sit with your feet together and your knees apart, forming a diamond shape. Move the left knee toward the right knee and back, and vice versa. Then massage your legs from the ankles to the hips. 

A foot rub is always a great way to relax at the end of the day. When you are ready for bed, sit cross-legged, holding your ankles, rub the soles of your feet together to warm them. Once you have done this proceed to massage them all over from your toes, to your ankles and your soles. Dont be afraid to apply a little pressure.   

Only deal with one source of stress at a time. If you know something will cause you stress, then try to find a way to keep the activity appearing stressful to you. Always try to avoid planning activities you know will be stressful to you.

To finish off this self-massage lie down and stroke your forehead with both hands, moving from the middle and out towards the ears, slowly move down your face towards your chin, then gently massage around your eyes.

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