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The Role Of TalkTherapy In Stress Management


Talk Therapy. Stress management is important to good overall health. The mastery of stress management is to recognize and understand stress and find a healthy level that is enjoyable to you. There are many methods and techniques that you can use to achieve this. Some are quite simple and effective.

Talk therapy is one such method. Through the use of talk therapy one can understand the nature of stress and learn how to relax and be able to have some control over it. Talk therapy is simply talking about what is bothering you and working toward a solution.

Talk therapy is most often associated or synonymous for psychotherapy with a licensed professional such as a social worker, psychologist or therapist. However it can be practices with anyone, a friend, neighbor, family member etc.

Just talking about things can often help you to identify what is causing problems in your life and talking about it with someone who may have a different take on your situation can often give you perspective. Negative thoughts and behaviors often become a pattern and this in itself may be a source of stress for you.

By talking about things sometimes you are able to let them go along with the negative feelings and emotions associated with them. This may relieve tension and anxiety and in effect help you to manage your stress level. Sometimes just by validating your concerns or feelings through discussion you can gain the ability to look at things differently recognize your thought and behavior patterns and make changes to them an in turn your stress response.

Talk therapy or psychotherapy can help to manage stress and achieve a feeling of well being in a variety of ways using different methods or techniques. Through talking, listening, and observing, a therapist is able to evaluate the problems or situations that need attention.

Some therapy may involve homework, such as tracking your moods, writing about your thoughts, or participating in social activities that have caused anxiety in the past.   

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Relieving Stress

Set up a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. Effective time management and realistic time limits can eliminate a lot of stress. It is also extremely important to make time for yourself to relax or do whatever it is that makes you happy. stress depression

 Stress Fighting Foods

 Using food to reduce stress

Therapy is generally categorized three ways. Cognitive Therapy refers to how you think about yourself and situations you find yourself in and help you change harmful ways of thinking. Behavioral Therapy helps to identify and gain control over your actions and reactions. Interpersonal therapy helps you learn to relate better with others. 

You will focus on how to express your feelings, and how to develop better people skills. It is very important that people can identify the main sources of stress in their life and find ways to reduce stress to more acceptable levels. Ultimately this change must come from within. Sometimes though you are so bogged down by stress and your mind is so clogged with negative feelings, anxiety and tension that it is hard to see clearly.  

Do you have kids? Get down on the floor and play with them for at least 10 minutes a day.

This can be a great relaxation technique  IF you let the kids be in charge!

Maybe your neighbor will let you borrow their kids!

This is where talk therapy is helpful whether it be with a professional or otherwise. Depending on the individual and the situation, simple stress relief techniques may be enough to solve the problem. Holistic stress management is about attending to overall well being including physical mental, emotional and spiritual.

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