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The Role Of Sexual Healing In Stress Management


Sexual Healing for Stress Management A certain amount of stress in our lives is actually essential for we need to be sufficiently stimulated so we can meet the challenges of everyday life. When stress is constant and acute, however, it can have dangerous consequences.

Stress management is important to good health. The art of stress management is to stay at a level of stimulation that is healthy and enjoyable. So there is no reason why treatment or methods should not be enjoyable as well. In fact you should enjoy what you are doing if you are trying to reduce stress.

While sex is often blanketed in controversy and questions of morality it has amazing healing powers. Of course these principles are meant for responsible, consenting adults.

The benefits of sexual healing are lost when it comes to promiscuity and infidelity. These actions can lead to increased stress. Sexual healing is therapeutic and beneficial to stress management in several different ways. While during times of stress you may not feel like having sex or feel that you are too tired it is important to remember the benefits of sex.

Prolonged stress can often lead to sexual dysfunction. It can be considered a form of physical exercise. Sex burns around 200 calories and exercises muscles. It helps to condition the cardiovascular system.

There is a large assortment of hormones that are released during sex that help to counterbalance the effects of stress. During sex the body releases endorphins that give the sense of euphoria, and act like natural painkillers. The great thing about these endorphins is that the effects last long after the act is finished.

There is a large assortment of chemicals, and hormones that are released during sex that act as natural pain relievers and powerful mood boosters. Oxytocin levels may surge up to five times the normal amount.   

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The major difference between the two is that those suffering from episodic acute stress are not aware of the problem. These are the ones that would most benefit from stress management; yet seem to always be taking on more and more responsibilities and don't recognize it as stress rather just accept it as who they are as if this type of behavior was ingrained in their person. The term type A personality is often used to describe these individuals who constantly appear to be in a state of acute stress. They are often chronic worriers as well. While those who suffer this type of stress may often appear hostile or angry, they are most often anxious and depressed. Symptoms of this type of stress may be persistent headaches, including migraines, chest pain, hypertension and possibly even heart disease. Chronic stress is the most serious, and harmful type of stress. stress effects

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Oxytocin aids in reducing stress hormone levels, depression and anxiety. It is also a natural pain reliever and helps aid in healing. Another key chemical is dopamine, commonly associated with the pleasure system of the brain, providing feelings of enjoyment, desire and motivation.

It also stimulates the prolactin the chemical that gives sexual satisfaction and contributes to the feeling of relaxation and contentment one often feels after sex. Sexual healing has many other benefits which inadvertently relate to stress management and reduction. 

Some of the benefits of sex include an increase in estrogen in women, which can protect against heart disease, osteoporosis and breast cancer. Regular sex helps you to retain a younger looking appearance, which boosts self-esteem. Immunity is shown to be higher in those who have sex at least once or twice a week as compared to those who have sex infrequently.  

Take a Deep Breath. On average a person breathes very shallow, this makes it very difficult to get relaxed.

Try this, sit down and then take a slow, and deep breath through your nose, do this until you have filled up your lungs.

Hold in this breath for a moment, and then slowly exhale it through your mouth. Breathe deeply like this for 4 - 5 times, and try to do it a few times a day.

Perhaps it is due to the myriad of chemicals that are produced during sex that leads it to be a popular subject of literature, music, movies, theater and other forms of art, or maybe it is just because it is a gratifying experience that often brings out a flood of emotion.

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