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The Role Of Diet In Stress Management


The Role Of Diet In Stress Management.  Stress is a normal physical reaction to a real or perceived threat. Too much stress, or stress that does not seem to end however is not normal.

Many people today are under enormous amounts of stress due to the perception of threatening situations or feeling like everyday problems are too big to handle. The goal of stress management is not to eliminate stress it is to bring the nervous system back into balance and give one a sense of calm and control in their life.

There are many things that one can do to help manage their stress naturally. Taking a natural approach to stress management is most beneficial since stress affects each person differently and stress in one setting can affect stress levels in another setting.

Often many of the reactions to stress or symptoms of stress can cause stress, or lead to an increase in stress themselves. Since stress takes such a toll on the body, keeping the body as healthy as possible is the first line of defense against the symptoms associated with stress along with many of the diseases caused or exacerbated by stress.

Diet is one such example of this. What one puts in their body affects overall health and performance of the body and the mind. Eating well balanced meals throughout the day will help to keep the body in good shape and give the energy needed to make clear, well thought out decisions as well as helping to keep calm and collected during high pressure times.

People who are overstressed tend to eat either too much or too little and often consume food that is not good for them. Someone who is stressed and running late may skip breakfast for example and have coffee instead. While many people think they need caffeine to help keep them going this is not true. While initially it may give you a jolt of energy or a temporary high, it can also cause a jittery feeling, and the coming down part is not pleasant either.   

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Emotional Stress

Monitoring Stress to Naturally Manage the Effects Many people have come to accept stress as an everyday part of life and do little to cope with too much of it. Some stress is actually a good thing as it helps to be active and productive. Too much stress however is detrimental to the body, mind and spirit. Recognizing the signals of stress and stress related problems could reduce the damage that stress can cause. It can be difficult to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress, as they are diverse and varied among individuals. So all symptoms of excessive stress may not be easily observed but those that are can also help to identify stressors and then recognize the other symptoms. An individual may possess one or more of several symptoms of stress. stress exercises

 Stress Fighting Foods

 Using food to reduce stress

Consumption of large amounts of caffeine actually has the same effects on the body as long-term stress. The increased levels of cortisol in the body can leave one craving high fat, overly salty or sugary foods as well. Stress can lead people to snack or eat compulsively which leads to weight gain which in turn can lead to stress. 

Sometimes even after eating breakfast and lunch people feel hungry or tired in the late afternoon and reach for a snack. Many tend to choose sugary snacks because they think it will give them the boost that they need to make it to dinner. Many people who are stressed because they are so busy or feel overworked eat out rather than preparing their own meals.  

Screaming is a great way to release stress. It is best to use a pillow to scream into unless you have a sound proof room to use.

Often they choose the easiest or most convenient location, which may not offer the most nutritious choices in meals. This can contribute to stress in more than one way. It can lead to health problems, financial worries and a poor attitude overall.

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