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Stress is a normal and necessary response to life changes. It is something that everyone experiences as part of his or her everyday life. To better give you an understanding of the role that stress plays in life is to remember that stress is a perception.

It only becomes a problem when it causes physical, emotional and psychological reactions that do not go away. When your stressors are channeled properly stress is actually what can lead you to your best outcome however when not channeled properly these same stressors can wreak havoc on your life.

There are some ways to reduce the impact that stress has on your health and emotional well -being and to manage your stress to remain at a healthy level. Some natural or holistic approaches to stress management involve expressive therapies. Art therapy is one such method. Art therapy in a clinical setting combines development, visual art, and the creative process with models of counseling and psychotherapy.

An art therapist will most likely have you create something that expresses the feelings that you are having at the particular time. They will encourage you to discuss what your creation means. Art therapy can work in any medium and is based on the belief that the creative process involved in artistic expression can help people to develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, help to resolve conflict or problems, increase self esteem and self awareness, achieve insight and in turn these will help to reduce stress and goes a long way toward stress management.

Art therapists are skilled in the application of several different modes of art including drawing, painting, sculpting, along with other media for assessment and treatment. While art therapy is its own field and therapists are masters level professionals it is something that you can practice on your own, whenever and wherever you feel the need.   

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Cortisol increases blood pressure so the body is prepared to confront or flee a threat due to the increased blood flow to the outer extremities. The hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis also activates the release of certain neurotransmitters called catecholamines, adrenaline in particular to aid in the response. If stress continues without any relief the body can and will react in a negative way. This distress may lead to symptoms such as headache, upset stomach, chest pain, and problems sleeping. Stress may not only contribute to existing symptoms or diseases but can possibly cause them. This type of stress that continues without any relief is called chronic stress. While the release of certain hormones is helpful to the body on a short-term basis, it is important for the levels to return to normal after the perceived threat or stress has abated to restore homeostasis. stress ball

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Many find that using art therapy is both cathartic and inspirational. Whether it is painting, drawing or some other method creating art can help you to manage or relieve stress in more ways than one. During the creative process you can take your mind of what it is that is stressing you, being in the moment and the flow of the art is very engaging and can bring you to an almost meditative state. The finished product is rewarding since it is something that you created. 

Having a hobby or something that you do for yourself can go along way toward bringing a sense of balance to your life and help with stress management. Often just putting your problems out there on paper, as a clay model or whatever making them external makes them easier to deal with and you have the emotional satisfaction of having created something that is all your own.  

Take a Deep Breath. On average a person breathes very shallow, this makes it very difficult to get relaxed. Try this, sit down and then take a slow, and deep breath through your nose, do this until you have filled up your lungs.

Hold in this breath for a momen,t and then slowly exhale it through your mouth. Breathe deeply like this for 4 - 5 times, and try to do it a few times a day.

Art is a window into human emotion, thought, expression and personality. Too much stress can cause you to lose touch with your true thoughts and feelings and artistic expression can help you to get them back. Art is a way of healing.

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