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Alternative Medicine and Stress Management Stress is necessary. It occurs as a normal part of life in response to changes, and real or perceived threats. Stress is also helpful in the face of a threat or challenge.

Stress is harmful and can be dangerous when the emotional, physical and psychological reactions do not abate or return to normal. Since stress is subjective and affects everyone differently taking a holistic approach to stress management is most beneficial. Many practices used in holistic medicine today are based on Ancient Healing Ways.

Practitioners of naturopathy, homeopathy and allopathic medicine believe that through reclaiming the old ways and connecting you with nature and your own innate being that your life will be fulfilled with wisdom, balance and meaning. Most of this basis is in energy. Some forms of ancient healing have been used regularly through the times, and some are gaining in popularity and widespread use by the western world as more information and research is available and holistic practices are becoming more widely accepted.

Ayurveda for instance has been practiced in India for thousands of years. It is described as a science of life. Writings about this type of practice exist from six thousand years ago but it is believed to have been in practice even longer than that. There are those that say it has been around since the dawn of time because our very existence is governed by nature.

Aromatherapy is one practice used in Ayurveda. Aromatherapy is the name given to holistic treatments that use essential oils of plants for healing and to improve physical and emotional well -being. Most parts of the world have a history of using plants for medicinal purposes. Indian Head massage is another ancient practice that helps to counterbalance the effects of stress.

American Indians, Indonesia, Ancient Greece and Rome, France, Russia and the United Kingdom have used different forms of massage for thousands of years around the world. The applications of Seichim are believed to go back as far as Ancient Egypt and even Atlantis.   

Today's Stress Cure Fact

Stress Meditation

Undergoing or anticipating major changes to ones life such as a move, change in jobs such as a promotion, new job or retirement or family status such as marriage, adoption or pregnancy. If undergoing a major change in one aspect of your life it may be advisable to limit or avoid changes in other aspects. Sometimes people feel stressed at certain times of the day or even of the year due to work or other pressures such as family obligations. For some it is the holidays, for others it is the summer or upcoming birthdays or anniversaries. A good way to monitor stress level or to prepare is to write things down. You may want to try keeping a daily log of events and reactions or even just taking a few moments a day to jot down your feelings or emotions. It is also helpful to write things down such as appointments, to do lists, meal plans, and upcoming events instead of relying on memory as this can cause mental anguish and undue stress. post traumatic stress disorder

 Stress Fighting Foods

 Using food to reduce stress

Their uses in treatments are almost identical to that of Reiki. Other ancient types of manipulation of the body include Reflexology, Acupuncture and Acupressure and are considered extremely useful for relaxation and stress management. Another ancient form of treatment that is used in stress management today is gemstone therapy. 

Its use has been attributed to ancient Greeks, Egyptians and in Judaic cultures however the Vedic culture of India most verbalized the use and gave instructions on the methods in their writings. Gemstones are thought to have metaphysical properties that can improve healing and promote overall well being which is why there use may be helpful in stress management. Different stones have different properties.


Feeling stressed out, try some fruit, drink some water, and be sure to take some vitamins, and mineral supplements.

Try this and your ability to deal with stress, may just improve.

Color therapy or chromotherapy is one form of gem therapy. Nearly 2000 years ago, color halls were made in many countries where patients used to take color bath for cure of their diseases. As far as today and stress management it is well known that color affects mood and has a great influence on the body.

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