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Any new or different experience has the potential to cause stress to some degree. In todays times it seems as if one never stops doing or thinking about what needs to be done.

This type of anxiety or feeling of being hurried or even overwhelmed may cause stress. It seems like no matter where you turn there are images or recounting of negative events from around the world.

With the right attitude and often by changing the way you think it is possible to achieve the strength and mental health necessary to cope with and manage stress so that it is at a level that is comfortable. The first thing about attitude and stress management is to change the way you think about stress itself.

In itself, stress is not a bad or negative thing. Stress is actually the bodys natural response to a real or perceived threat. It is the flight or fight response that everyone has heard about. Without stress it would not be possible to react quickly in times of danger and that quick thinking ability to make decisions and act on them would not exist.

Only when stress becomes constant does it lead to tension and other health problems that in turn lead to more stress. Attitude is fundamental to stress management. Having a positive attitude about stress, and about life itself gives one a sense of perspective and the ability to see positive elements of a situation and often turn a negative experience or problem into an opportunity.

Having a positive attitude does not meant that you plaster a smile on your face and pretending that things are great all of the time, no matter what. It is about being optimistic, thinking positively and having some control over the way stress will affect and how to react to situations in a cautious and realistic manner.

Having a positive attitude may seem difficult for some, especially those who tend to be negative or pessimists. It may not happen overnight but if you want to change and you take steps to do so, the rest will come.   

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Coping With Stress

Make sure that you have enough gas in your car, enough change for the bus, enough of the basic supplies at home such as food staples, have extra keys made for those times when they get misplaced. Some of these things go along with being prepared. Getting things ready ahead of time, such as preparing a lunch the day before, picking out work and school clothes, also be prepared to wait. Take along a book or magazine to read when waiting in line, waiting for an opening, etc. Get organized. Create a place for everything at home and at your workplace. Put things away when you are finished with them so that you know where they are. how to deal with stress

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 Using food to reduce stress

Studies have shown that those with positive attitudes are statistically healthier; they have stronger immune systems, lower levels of stress and fewer instances of diseases such as cardiovascular and subsequently happier due to more success in their life. 

Many people believe in the law of attraction, which works on the premise that a person's thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions are said to attract corresponding positive and negative experiences. While there are many criticisms of this theory as a law, it goes along with the basic principles of having a positive attitude and therefore attracting other positive people, recognizing opportunities and realizing potential.  

Everyone needs a relaxing hobby. A hobby that really interests you, will breathe new life into you.

A hobby can help you be more relaxed, and let you enjoy having something new to be interested in.

Be sure to only choose those hobbies which will encourage calm, and serenity for you.

Communication is important to an overall healthy existence as well. Being able to talk to others in a positive way and the ability to reach out to someone in time of need or emotional support is useful in terms of taking a natural, healthy approach to stress management and overall well being.

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