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Meditation. Stress affects people in many ways. It can have both physical and emotional effects and can be either positive or negative. On the positive side it can drive one to action, however there are more negative aspects of stress. The feelings associated with stress include anger, depression, and anxiety. These can lead to physical symptoms as well.

Stress is in fact the root cause of many of todays health problems. People are always looking for a quick fix or a magic eraser to rid stress. It is not possible to relieve stress and it is best to take a natural approach to help manage stress and to help prevent ill effects.

Meditation has the opposite effect on the body as that of stress. Meditation slows the rate of breathing, heart rate slows down and blood pressure normalizes. The adrenal glands dont produce as much cortisol and epinephrine hormones as are present in high amounts during times of stress.

This also improves immune function. Meditation helps to clear the mind, allowing for calming thoughts and even increased creativity and personal insight. Meditation restores the body to a calm state, allowing for the body to help repair itself along with the ability to help prevent new or further damage from the effects of stress.

Meditation is great because it is always available, doesnt cost anything and is extremely effective in short-term stress reduction as well as long-term health. Meditation can also be a spiritual practice. Many people experience meditation as a form of prayer, which brings them a sense of comfort and well being. There are a few ways to practice meditation.

All you need to start is a few minutes of privacy and quiet, some comfortable clothes and an open mind. The effects of meditation can often be felt the first time you practice. Basic meditation involves sitting in a comfortable position, eyes closed just trying to quiet your mind by thinking of nothing.

This does not always come easily right away for everyone. The basic idea is just to think of yourself as observing your own thoughts. Listening and observing to what is being thought, but not engaging. As thoughts materialize in your mind, you just let them go.   

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Some times all one needs is a diversion or distraction from their life or external stressors. Taking a much needed time out such as a short walk or even a vacation can help you to focus on what it is that is bothering you and what, if any changes need to be made. There may not be a quick fix or even one simple solution but stress management is both effective and attainable. Learning to effectively manage stress and relieving current problems and symptoms associated with stress can help to prevent the recurrence of these problems. Holistic Health Ideally holistic health is the realization of our potential as humans as total beings, and our desire to live fulfilling and satisfying lives. The overall goal is not just to be physically healthy but also to be in harmony with oneself and the environment at all levels, body, mind and spirit. Relationships, social interaction and lifestyle are also factors that are considered when dealing with a holistic approach. managing stress

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Some people find it easier to do focused meditation. With this technique, you focus on something intently, but dont engage your thoughts about it. You may focus on something visual, something that you are listening to, or a simple concept. Many find it helpful just to focus on their own breathing. There are other types of meditation as well such as activity oriented and mindfulness techniques. These are basically about being in the moment. It gets easier with practice but meditation is something anyone can do. 

To get started, the basic technique involves just a few steps:

1. Focus on the breath

2. Give your full attention to the feeling of the breath entering and leaving your body

3. Dwell in the present, moment by moment, breath by breath.  

Guard against letting negative thoughts take over when stress arises. The best way to combat negative thinking is to, only focus on your positive achievements every day.

Whenever you begin to notice you are having negative thoughts, be sure to make yourself focus on the positive things in your life.

4. Observe your mind with awareness moment to moment. If your attention wanders make note of it and bring it back into awareness of your breath.

5. Continue to pay attention to breathing, accepting each moment as it comes.

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