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Part One

One of the most effective natural approaches to stress management is exercise. Regular exercise or physical activity is a great stress reliever and is important to overall health and well being.

Stress can lead to many health problems as well as just a general unhealthy feeling. Stress can be felt physically, emotionally and psychologically and affect all aspects of life. Exercise can help to manage stress in a variety of ways. The negative aspects of stress are a result of the byproducts of the stress response circulating in the body and the change in homeostasis.

Regular exercise is useful in removing the byproducts of the stress response by providing the opportunity to simulate the fighting or running set in by the fight or flight experience. In todays times most of the threat is actually perceived and our bodies are usually not in immediate danger so the physical response that the body is preparing for is not necessary.

In physical terms exercise helps to release or let go of negative feelings and expel pent up energy such as anger, or irritability. During stress the muscles contract since they are bracing for activity and are not in a resting state, this causes loss of muscle tone. Physical activity allows the muscles to work and release the stored energy.

It helps to relieve symptoms of stress that also precipitates further stress such as tension headaches, neck and back pain, inability to sleep or fatigue. Exercise also improves cardiovascular function. Physical activity is socially acceptable and often encouraged.

Certain forms of exercise such as jogging, bicycling, hiking, cross country skiing require a fairly consistent repetitive motion that can alter one's state of consciousness similar to that of meditation. Physiological responses take place such as better breathing which can help bring a feeling of calmness.   

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These include limiting or elimination of caffeine intake, alcohol consumption, and junk food. Having a well balanced diet and not eating too much or too little, Getting adequate sleep, taking some leisure time, Regular exercise, including both physical and relaxation exercises such as meditation or yoga. Change the way you think. Try to look at things more positively, keep a sense of humor, try to refute negative thoughts, turn problems into opportunity and just overall look at things in a more positive manner. Unwillingness to change is something that needs to be overcome in order to manage stress effectively. In some instances the most beneficial form of stress management is in changes to ones situation. This may include changing jobs, possibly leaving a relationship, developing problem solving skills and effective time and money management. stress managment

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Regular exercise not only keeps the body in shape and healthy on the inside but usually improves physical appearance as well which helps to boost self esteem and keep a positive attitude which in turn is another form of stress management. The feeling of self-fulfillment one can get from exercise because they feel like they have achieved something also helps to reduce tension and help to prepare you to be able to face the next set of stressors or stressful event. Some find that group activities or team sports are more beneficial. 

Others find that solitary exercises benefit them more. This is one of the reasons that exercise is so great for stress management because there are so many options available. It will only be most beneficial if you choose something that you enjoy doing. Some people like to play golf and find it relaxing others may find it stressful.  

Take a hike, well you don't have to go that far, a 20 minute walk each day would be good. Work it into your schedule whenever you find you have some time.

Any time you have during the day is good, or whenever you feel the stress building up inside you, get out and talk a walk to clear your mind.

Some people like to run while others do not. Another great thing about exercise and how it is effectual in stress management is that when you are participating in a sport or performing a physical activity you are not worrying or thinking about all of the stressors in your life.

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