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Dealing With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


While everyone faces stress on a day to day basis, some people experience extreme shock or stress at some point which can permanently damage the way they their bodies and minds work.

This worrisome problem is known as post traumatic stress disorder. In this article, well focus on the topic of post traumatic stress disorder in order to shed some light on the ailment and to increase your knowledge of it.

Psychologists tend to group post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, into categories based upon how they happened. Man-made PTSD events are incidents that involved other people when the traumatic stress occurs, and natural disaster post traumatic stress disorder events such as earthquakes or volcano eruptions which can be equally damaging to an individuals persona.

Most often, close calls with serious injury or death are responsible for the development of the condition. Any incident that significantly causes an intense emotional response of fear or helplessness may lead to a case of PTSD. Signs of post traumatic stress disorder will begin to manifest between one and six months after the traumatic event occurs, but some individuals who fall victim to it never experience any symptoms until a type of event triggers their response.

Some of the symptoms that you can watch for include irritability and constantly feeling as if you are in danger. Some people experience painful memory flashbacks and nightmares of the traumatic experience as part of their post traumatic stress disorder, while some go emotionally numb when the problem hits and are unable to respond to outside stimulus.

Individuals may also do their best to stay away from places or things that may trigger their fears, and they may find that they are unable to concentrate fully throughout the day. Some signs to look out for in a friend that may have the condition include noticing them not seeming to care about the long-term future, and a lack of ability to remember certain parts of the traumatic event that started the condition.   

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If not treated, post traumatic stress disorder can eventually lead to long-term life problems. Sufferers often find that they have an inability to fall asleep easily or for long periods of time. Consequently, they may find themselves feeling angry and irritable throughout the day with no easy explanation. The sufferer may also have a difficult time when trying to concentrate, and they may remain extremely vigilant and wary of phantom threats.


If you or someone you love is afflicted with post traumatic stress disorder, the best thing that you can do is to pay a visit to a therapist. They can help you to sort out your problem, realize why you feel the way you do about the situation and hopefully be able to make you get over the issue that is causing the condition to occur.  

Be sure to get enough sleep. On average, a person needs about 7 hours of sleep a night, of course this varies from person to person.

By getting enough sleep you will be more even tempered, and also be able to manage the unexpected, and stressful situations you run into, in a more positive way.

While its no easy task, many people are able to overcome problems with post traumatic stress disorder with time and effort. Psychiatrists continue to learn more about the problem and hopefully in the future it will be even easier to help negate its effects.

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