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There is no cure all for stress and it would not be feasible to remove stress altogether even if it were possible since stress can be useful, and even healthy at times. There are many methods of treatment and plans out there for stress relief and stress management. Since there are so many aspects to stress, different reactions and such taking a natural approach seems, well the most natural method to effectively reduce and manage stress without any undue side effects.

Dance or Movement therapy is a completely natural approach to stress management. In one way or another dance has been used for many purposes throughout the ages and in different cultures. Dance has been a part of ceremonial and religious events and is an important part of self-expression.

Many years ago Native American medicine men, or shamans used dance as part of their healing rituals. Along with stress management, dance therapy is used in a variety of settings with people who have social, emotional, cognitive, or physical concerns.

It is often used as a part of the recovery process for people with chronic illness. Dance therapists work with both individuals and groups, including entire families. Therapists are highly trained individuals learned in the methods of dance and movement. Therapeutically, dance uses movement to improve the overall well being of an individual both physically and mentally.

Some may consider it a holistic healing method since it focuses on the connection between the mind, body and spirit. Physically dance is an exercise, it improves mobility and muscle coordination and reduces tension in the body that often gets stored up in the muscles and glands. Emotionally one can develop their self-awareness, self-confidence and is a great outlet for conveying feelings or emotions.

Through dance, it is thought people can identify and express their innermost emotions, bringing those feelings to the surface. In doing so this can bring about a sense of renewal and feelings of unity and completeness. Although individuals have different levels of tolerance to stress, chronic stress will eventually wear down even the strongest person.   

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Another exercise that is good for relaxing and good for the body is to lie down with knees bent, press the back down so that all parts of the back touch the surface, while doing so pull in hard on the stomach muscles. Then just relax them. This helps to let go of tension as well as firm abdominal muscles and strengthens the back. Many people find specific exercise programs such as Pilates, tai chi and yoga to be very relaxing. Getting adequate, not too much, or too little sleep can do wonders for the body and mind Often just going to bed a half hour earlier at night or taking a short nap during the day can reenergize the body and recharge the mind enough to make clear, thoughtful decisions and to relieve anxiety and worry. If a nap is not possible make sure you take time to relax or take a break. Even a fifteen-minute break from work, school, or regular daily activities is advisable for quiet, privacy and introspection. reduce stress

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Prolonged stress can cause biochemical imbalances that weaken the immune system and invite serious illness. Through dance therapy these effects are counterbalanced by the physiological changes brought about by improved muscle function, increased oxygen levels and better cardiovascular function. Stress management is important to good health. The art of stress management is to stay at a level of stimulation that is healthy and enjoyable. 

Dance therapy is often enjoyable for most people, which is important for longevity purposes and overall wellness. Probably the most important step in reducing stress in your life is to have a good understanding of the nature of stress and to learn how to condition yourself to be able to gain some control over it.  

Learn some yoga. Yoga has been shown to offer many benefits, and a relaxing yoga session will help you prepare for the daily stress of life.

This can be accomplished through dance and movement therapy as you become more aware of your body and your feelings and emotions that you associate with stress and the physical and physiological aspects of the stress response.

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