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A Basic Preventative Program for HIV and AIDS

People can contract HIV and AIDS a variety of ways such as sex, drug use, or even a blood transfusion, although this last way is virtually non-existent since the mid 1980's when blood donation screening was instituted.

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The extensive knowledge about HIV and AIDS has only come within the past thirty or so years. Before that, these autoimmune conditions were not even a blip on the medical community radar. Once seen as a gay disease, HIV and AIDS has become a disease viewed more universally. While strides are being made every day, there is still not cure for these problems and chances are that there won't be for a long time.

People can contract HIV and AIDS a variety of ways such as sex, drug use, or even a blood transfusion, although this last way is virtually non-existent since the mid 1980's when blood donation screening was instituted. Knowing how these autoimmune conditions are developed, it is easy to come up with a basic preventative program for HIV and AIDS so that you don't contract them either.

The Sex Factor

Do not engage in anal, oral or vaginal sex until you are sure of your partner's HIV or AIDS status. If you are in a new relationship, make it a point to exchange a doctor's lab report showing that each of you has been tested negative for any type of disease. Do not sleep with multiple partners without protection such as a latex condom.

If one or both of you have HIV or AIDS, always use a latex condom and lubricant during sex. There are different strains of HIV and if you already have one, there is a chance you could contract another and boost your chances of developing AIDS a lot quicker. Plus, a condom will protect each of you from other sexually transmitted diseases or even a common yeast infection.

Whenever you have a new partner, get another HIV/AIDS test to keep your mind and that of your partner's at ease. Condoms are the best way to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS but they are not infallible.

Nursing Home Infection Control

A Brief Look at Herpes and Its Impact on Health Herpes is often viewed as a sexually transmitted disease and indeed that is true. Did you also know that there is a huge contingent of herpes viruses but only eight of them typically cause illness in humans? It's also disappointing to find out that herpes outbreaks can recur many times, depending on how your immune system is functioning. There are no cures for viruses right now. Two Common Herpes Viruses While there are eight of these human based herpes viruses, two of them particularly stand out because of their frequency of occurrence in the population. Fungi

Just Say No to Drugs

Needles are the predominant way that HIV and AIDS is spread. People who have developed major drug habits often stop caring about sharing needles to shoot heroin or some other drug into their system. They just care about their next fix. Unfortunately, not taking precautions, even in drug use, can eventually kill you.

It's hard to lecture a drug user about the practice of using clean needles for their next fix. When someone is that bad off to inject an illicit substance into their bodies, the last thing they are going to think about is HIV or AIDS.

Practice Proper Precautions

If you work in the healthcare field, always take proper precautions when it comes to handling used needles. Every so often you hear of a nurse or doctor pricking them with a needle only to contract HIV. Be particularly diligent in handling needles when administering drugs or taking blood from drug users and those afflicted with HIV or AIDS.

If you are fond of tattoos, be sure the tattoo parlor you choose practices cleanliness and have passed inspection. There have been cases where innocent people go in for a tattoo and come out with hepatitis or worse, HIV. All because the needle used was not properly sterilized and cleaned.

You cannot contract HIV or AIDS by simple contact like a hug, handshake or even sharing a glass. Basically, intimate contact of bodily fluids through sex or needle use is the two primary ways.

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