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  • Taking the proper steps to regularly flush out any waste products from your colon before they have the opportunity to create the toxic substances that will in turn cause other health problems only makes sense. Will you be able to live a long life without ever cleansing your colon? Most likely the answer is yes.
  • Ideally, for the purposes of a colon cleanse this process should be repeated twice a day for about a week, in addition to eating a diet high in fiber. Interestingly, there is a lot of lore that has sprung up about enemas in general, and in connection with colon cleansing in particular, and it is important to differentiate the reality from the hype. To this end, do not use the commercially available fleet enemas since the substance is toxic and does little to contribute to the healing of your colon! Stick to saline and oil.
  • Finally, as the fecal matter and its inherent toxins are made to leave your body, your organs will no longer have to fight the attack of the toxins and their byproducts but instead get back to functioning for the tasks they were intended; thus, your kidneys and liver will once again be at peak performance, while your pancreas and stomach will have the ability to deal with the digestion of food properly. Once again this will decrease the body's perceived need for food intake, since it is no longer in danger of starving for nutrients. Weight loss is inevitable.
  • A colon cleanse will get your body back on track by removing what sometimes could be years of accumulated toxins and waste products that have not been evacuated from your body already. There are a number of products on the market that will permit you to cleanse your colon to get your body back on track; by and large they rely on a high concentration of fiber that practically sweeps your colon clean and removes the lingering waste products.
  • Combine this approach with an oral supplementation of acidophilus cultures by eating plain yogurt and also adding supplements to your everyday diet that contain them. This promotes the proper flourishing of the beneficial gut flora while at the same time will also help your colon cleanse to leave your intestines in their best working condition possible.
  • the claims made by some proponents of colon hydrotherapy that the procedure can cure or at least alleviate a variety of ailments is suspect and no studies can be cited that unambiguously bear out many of these assertion. On the heels of the criticism, however, follow the studies that do show that there are benefits to the procedure which are well documented! Add to this the fact that many practitioners are now undergoing a voluntary process of certification, and many of the critics are effectively silenced.
  • Last but not least, avoid colon cleansers that use synthetic ingredients when natural ingredients are available. Granted, synthetics are almost always cheaper to make than their natural counterparts, but they are not as gentle on your body or as easy for the body to shed as their synthetic counterparts. Similarly, synthetics are quite often not absorbed as easily by the body as natural ingredients, thus necessitating your increasing the dosage (and thereby the amount of pills you buy) to achieve the same effects you would enjoy with all natural ingredients. The money you believe you will save at the onset is quickly eaten up by the additional product you need to purchase to see the cleansing through to the very end.
  • Last but not least, consider the fact that a drastic reduction of the toxin levels in your body will also decrease the effort your body has to expend toward keeping you alive by combating the worst of the toxins. Thus, your body's immune system is primed and ready to attack other agents as they assault your body; you will find that you are less prone to infections, virus spread ailments like colds, and overall will be in better health
  • As your colon is being cleansed by the high fiber products you are taking, your entire digestive tract will begin to once again operate at peak performance and you will find your energy returning as vitamins and other nutrients are being extracted more completely from the food you are eating. Combined with the inclusion of healthy foods whenever possible, a colon cleanse will get your body back in good shape.
  • As you can see, the list of ingredients that may be found on natural colon cleansers is plentiful and there are several other ingredients that may complement the workings of the substances mentioned. Yet since many herbal compounds are specifically discouraged for certain segments of the population, it is vital that you read the list of ingredients and also discuss it with your physician prior to beginning a natural colon cleanse regimen!

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