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Cleansing Your Colon With an At Home Enema

Proponents of at home enema colon cleanses understand that any food substances that have not been evacuated from the body within 20 hours begin to putrefy and leak toxins that are taken up by the bloodstream and thus by the various organs.

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While colon hydrotherapy is a procedure that more and more alternative practitioners suggest to their patients, there are still some communities that are underserved when it comes to finding such practitioners.

Similarly, since thee services are generally not covered by medical insurance, to some individuals the cost associated with the colon hydrotherapy sessions is simply too steep.

Fortunately, there is a methodology that may be followed in the privacy of your home that may not provide the exact same results as hydrotherapy, but which comes fairly close in its goal to cleanse the colon of harmful toxin and accumulated waste products.

Proponents of at home enema colon cleanses understand that any food substances that have not been evacuated from the body within 20 hours begin to putrefy and leak toxins that are taken up by the bloodstream and thus by the various organs.

If you are not sure if your colon is in good working order and rids your body of food quickly enough, pay attention to your bowel movements: you should have one after each meal! This is of course not the reality for the majority of Americans, and thus the need for an enema colon cleanse is glaringly obvious.

While the how-to of a self administered enema would appear to be a common sense approach, the fact that the topic appears taboo in so many families contributes to the lack of understanding of even the simplest dynamics. Here is a step by step approach to a properly administered at home enema for colon cleansing:

How To Cleanse Your Colon

You colon most likely will have a lively population of parasites. As a matter of fact, if you live with a dog or cat, you cannot help it but pick up some parasite or another, even if you are most fastidious about cleaning up after your pets and regularly disinfecting your home. While most everyone knows the looks of tape worms in their feces, hook worms by and large go unnoticed by the naked eye, but your body most certainly feels the impact of these parasites as they are attached to the insides of your intestines. Diverting necessary nutrients from ever reaching the blood stream and thus your vital organs, you can purchase the healthiest foods possible and still not receive the full benefit of wise nutritional choices simply because parasitic invasions are nullifying their effects. Colon cleanses flush out the parasites as well as the fecal matter they inhabit. Ultimate Colon Cleanse

1. Purchase an enema bag and tubing. These kits are available at most pharmacies and general merchandise stores.

2. Follow the directions for connecting the tubing, fill the bag with lukewarm water, and hang it from the towel rack or any other place in your bathroom that is slightly higher than you when you are seated on the toilet.

3. Place some newspaper or other absorbent material around the toilet and then straddle the toilet, bending at the waist. Gently insert the tube into your rectum and permit the water to flow into your lower intestine. Do not permit more water to enter your rectum than you can hold comfortably!

4. As the water is present, gently apply light pressure to your lower abdomen in an effort to manually loosen the fecal matter. Sit on the toilet and release the liquid and whatever matter is ready to evacuate.

5. Repeat step number four six or seven times (or however long it takes to gradually flush your colon with about one and one half to two gallons of water), kneading your lower abdomen a little harder each time, working your way from the left to the right.

Ideally, for the purposes of a colon cleanse this process should be repeated twice a day for about a week, in addition to eating a diet high in fiber.

Interestingly, there is a lot of lore that has sprung up about enemas in general, and in connection with colon cleansing in particular, and it is important to differentiate the reality from the hype.

To this end, do not use the commercially available fleet enemas since the substance is toxic and does little to contribute to the healing of your colon! Stick to saline and oil.

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