Description Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Description Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. What exactly is the mysterious disease that was once described as being the yuppie flu and was believed to be only found in the realm of the rich and famous?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or (CFS) is a sickness or illness that is defined by both "profound as well as prolonged exhaustion."

As opposed to occasional feelings of tiredness, those suffering from CFS will not get better simply by getting an adequate amount of sleep and rest. When no other sicknesses or health conditions can be found to bring about extreme tiredness, CFS is often considered to be the culprit.

Those who are suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome often experience symptoms that resemble the flu and generally find that their symptoms do not improve within a matter of days or a matter of weeks. A very common characteristic of chronic fatigue syndrome is what is known as post-exertional malaise.

This form of malaise means that after a period of exertion an individual finds that their symptoms are getting worse especially if this occurs within a 24-hour period.

It is estimated that approximately 800,000 plus individuals suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome but less than 10 percent of these people have been properly diagnosed and are therefore not receiving the care they need to be properly treated.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is three times more prevalent in women than it is in men. To use an example, the CDC estimates that for every 100,000 people who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, 522 of them are female while 291 of them are males.

Among women, CFS is a great deal more common than are other diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS), lung cancer or HIV.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a mysterious disease and it is a form of fatigue that has no apparent explanation.  

Chronic Fatigue Fast Facts

First Doctor Visit For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And What To Expect
Once you have decided to see a medical professional concerning your symptoms, the best place to start is with your primary care physician. There is no one single test that will tell you that your symptoms are related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Basically what will happen is your physician will take a full medical history from you. Try to give as much detail as possible regarding your medical history including any stresses, depressions, and illnesses as well as a detailed description of...

Generally if prolonged fatigue lasts for six months or more and brings with it cognitive related problems such as trouble focusing on tasks or difficulties with short-term memory then chronic fatigue syndrome is likely to be seriously considered as the cause.

If a person has suffered with chronic fatigue over a period of six months or more and it is severe and all other types of health conditions have been ruled out then doctors often zero in on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If a person experiences four or more of the following symptoms then a diagnosis of CFS is generally made. 

These symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome include bouts of extreme tiredness that last more than a period of 24 hours after a person has physically or mentally exerted themselves; waking up in the morning feeling unrefreshed; headaches that are more severe then headaches from the past or headaches that have different patterns; pain that occurs in joints that is not accompanied by redness or swelling; pain in muscles; a sore throat; lymph nodes that are tender; and significant difficulties in regards to concentration and/or short-term memory.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Facts

Acupuncture has proved to be useful for many Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients. This is because Acupuncture looks at the human body in its entirety.

Acupuncture helps to control the discomfort levels for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients, and can also be very good at decreasing the chances of bacterial and viral infections.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome affects people all across the globe as well as individuals who are in all ethnic groups and all racial groups.

Studies have shown that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is as prevalent among Hispanics and African Americans as it is among those who are white. It has not been proven conclusively but it is believed that CFS may have a genetic link as it tends to run in families, however it does not appear to be contagious in the way that the common cold is.



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