Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Groups

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Groups.

Their Importance And How To Find Them Like most things in life, we find great comfort in finding others who share similiar experiences, and can understand what we are going through.

Having symptoms like chronic pain and fatigue can really wear you down and knowing that there are others, who really do understand what you are dealing with, can be wonderful.

Although not everyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) experiences exactly the same symptoms, just sharing with others who can relate to each other is worth the effort of finding and joining a support group.

Topics Discussed In Groups:

  • To be able to recognize and if possible avoid situations that lead to aggravation of CFS symptoms
  • How and Where to seek help from other people
  • Understand how CFS can have an effect on those who are your support, including members of your family.
  • How you can find enjoyment in everyday life events, despite your chronic symptoms.

Part of the uniqueness of group therapy over any other is that when you are sharing what works and what doesnt work in regards to therapy; hearing about what you should do can sound less severe when it comes from someone who truly walks in your shoes.

An example would be, when a fellow CFS patient tells you that staying in motion and avoiding bed rest; helps lessen stiffness; you are more likely to listen and accept this than perhaps when you hear the same thing from a professional.

There are some people that find attending support groups can make them feel more like a victim of the disease due to so many people gathered together with the same diagnosis.

If this happens, this is ok. You will be able to explore other support options with your physician. Support Groups are not necessarily for everyone and this may not be your cup of tea. Remember, that there is the right kind of support for everyone.

A support group should lessen your stress, not add to it. Cost To Attend A Group Most groups are free to attend, though you may find that there are some groups that ask for a donation to cover expenses, or some that may ask for a small membership fee just to cover refreshments.  

Chronic Fatigue Fast Facts

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Basic Facts
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is an illness that exhibits symptoms in patients like constant exhaustion and flu-like symptoms, that do not go away as true flu normally does. Persons who suffer from CFS find themselves experiencing extreme fatigue for more than a day after doing any strenuous physical activity. Symptoms The following is a list of symptoms one may experience while suffering from CFS according to a study conducted by a International Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Study...

A professional who has both experience leading a group and is also familiar with CFS usually leads support Groups.

Most groups contain a mixture of new members and members who have attended the group over a long period of time.

Avoid groups where you discover the following: (Do not let this list scare are not likely to run across these things in groups that you are referred to by your physician or other health professional) There is a promise for a quick or sure cure, especially if they are promoting a supplement or medication.

The meetings turn out to be "gripe" sessions You are asked to stop prescribed treatment and are asked to take something they want you to take You should never be asked for private or sensitive personal information There should never be any demands made that require allegiance to a cult-like, charismatic leader.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Facts 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be very difficult to diagnose correctly in children because the nature of the symptoms often mimic other diseases. The Doctor will need to run tests to rule out any other possible cause for the child’s symptoms.

There should never be any fees other than minimal ones to cover refreshments You should never be asked to make any product purchases from the group Use your common sense when searching for the right support group.

Ask questions of the leader and attend a meeting before making up your mind. Whether or not a support group is what you decide to do, getting some kind of support should be a part of your treatment plan.



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