Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Our Youth

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Our Youth The disease commonly affects more females than males, affects all racial and ethnic nationalities, is more prevalent in the 20 to 40 age group, but can strike our youth.

Scientists have been studying Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) to see if there is any correlation between the disease and certain metabolic disorders, and or risk factors such as age, sex, prior illnesses, environment, and stress.

When children exhibit the symptoms of CFS, their physicians will want to do a complete physical examination as well as to take a through medical family history.

The youth or parent (if the patient is young) will need to answer questions regarding the symptoms they are having, onset (when the symptoms started), and the severity of the symptoms.

Other questions may include the following: Cognitive Skills how has the child been performing at school? Have there been any noticeable lapses in memory or decreased thinking skills? Have there been any changes in the childs personality? How has the child been psychologically? Has the child suffered from any bouts of anxiety or depression? How has your childs activity level been? Does the child complain of any pain?

Does the child complain of being overly tired? Have there been any complaints of vision difficulties, objects floating in front of them? It can be difficult to assess a child who is complaining of fatigue due to the fact that children can be tired for many reasons.

The reasons can range from being overly taxed at school, to too much extra-curricular activities, and possibly the old getting out of school excuse Im too tired to go to school. The physician will be looking for symptoms that have lasted for 6 months or longer in duration.

A determination will be made to see if there is any explanation for the symptoms other than disease. Children may exhibit any of these symptoms, but the physician will be looking to see if any four of these symptoms present themselves during the question period.

Severe, chronic fatigue for at least 6 months or longer that is not alleviated by rest Forgetfulness or showing signs of having difficulty in concentrating Persistant sore throat Tender lymph nodes in the neck or armpit Complaints of muscle pain or joint pain that does not involve swelling or redness Headaches different from those usually experienced, in which a new pattern, or severity is noticed.   

Chronic Fatigue Fast Facts

Support Groups For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Their Importance And How To Find Them
Like most things in life, we find great comfort in finding others who share similiar experiences, and can understand what we are going through. Having symptoms like chronic pain and fatigue can really wear you down and knowing that there are others, who really do understand what you are dealing with, can be wonderful. Although not everyone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) experiences exactly the same symptoms, just sharing with others who can relate to each other is worth the effort of...

Feeling still tired when first waking up and having vague feelings of illness or perhaps depression Extreme tiredness after exerting him or herself, lasting more than 24 hours following the physical activity Extreme fatigue lasting more than 24 hours not associated with physical activity Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can especially be difficult to diagnose in children because the symptoms mimic other diseases.

The physician will need to run urine and blood tests and possibly other tests to first rule out any other cause for the childs symptoms. You will need to tell the physician about any allergies or medications the child may be taking.

Your physician will most likely refer the child to a psychologist or therapist to Access the childs cognitive skills, psychological profiles and personality in relationship to the symptoms.

You may be required to take the child back to the physician for follow up visits to determine any change in symptoms.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Facts

There are other names used to refer to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome some of these names you might have heard mentioned before are: simply Chronic Fatigue or Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS). Others may call it Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), or another name is, Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS).

You will be able to discuss a treatment plan that will help the child to function as normally as possible and to help alleviate the symptoms.

The physician is there is help you understand CFS and what having CFS means to your childs ability to function and participate in school and daily activities.

Asking questions, gaining knowledge and participating in your childs treatment plan will help your child to cope with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.



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