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What Do You Really
Know About Bad Breath?

If you speak with your doctor or dentist you are likely to hear about bad breath being caused by Anaerobic Sulfur producing bacteria and that this bacteria can normally be found on the surface of your tongue and also in your throat.


We all have come into contact with bad breath at one time or another.

The bad breath was either our own or someone else's. Most of us think we know a lot about bad breath and what causes it as well as how to avoid it.

What do you think you know about bad breath and are you correct in your thinking?

If you speak with your doctor or dentist you are likely to hear about bad breath being caused by Anaerobic Sulfur producing bacteria and that this bacteria can normally be found on the surface of your tongue and also in your throat.

They will tell you that this bacterium is suppose to be there and can actually assist in the digestion process so it is actually useful to us humans! These bacteria that live in our mouth and throat can break down proteins in an amazingly fast rate.

During the process odorous sulfur compounds are released from your tongue and the back of your throat in the form of Hydrogen Sulfide, Methyl Mercaptan, and some other odorous and equally bad tasting compounds.

These compounds are known to offend those who have the ill fortune to get a whiff of their presence.

You cannot "catch" bad breath like you might "catch a cold" from someone else. Everyone has the same bacteria on their tongue and at the back of the throat.

Individuals who have been labeled as having "bad breath" are those that unfortunately have higher than normal amounts of these bacbook about Bad Breathteria.

If you were thinking that there are certain conditions that might make your bad breath worse, you are correct.

There are several situations that when they occur, your breath can actually go from bad to really bad breath! Those situations include having dry mouth, the presence of post-nasal drip, having a sinus infection, and also individuals with a high protein diet or those who are lactose intolerant and eat or drink food items that contain dairy can also have really bad breath due to bacteria present in these conditions.

Why is it that these conditions can make a person have really bad breath? Well, your mouth contains saliva, which naturally keeps your mouth fresh and clean.

If a person has dry mouth due to nerves, side-effect from a medication they are taking or just genetically make less saliva they will not have the normal amount of saliva to clean

To Cure Bad Breath

The lack of or decrease in saliva due to medical conditions can have an impact on how well our mouth functions including if it is able to harbor more bacteria than normal. Dry mouth is one condition that allows our mouth to harbor more bacteria than it normally would. Bacteria's presence on the back of our tongue and in cracks and crevices on our tongue, on the surfaces of our teeth and in the spaces between our teeth is what can give us bad breath. To Cure Bad Breath click on the link for more information!
 and freshen the mouth which of course will lead to really bad breath. When a person is ill and has post-nasal drip, the resulting drainage coats the back of the throat making a perfect place for odor-producing bacteria to gather.

Foods that is high in protein like dairy products such as milk and cheese and others can create problems for those who are lactose intolerant.

When they do eat dairy (and lets face it if you love dairy you probably cheat a little from time to time and eat it despite being lactose intolerant), the dairy products just sit there taking longer to digest all the while gathering odor-producing bacteria.

Do you think that drinking caffeine-containing beverages adds to your bad breath?

Coffee especially contains high levels of acids that can cause the bacteria in your mouth to reproduce more rapidly than normal.

This rapid growth of bacteria is what makes your breath smell so bad and gives you that bitter taste in your mouth.

In fact, if you eat a lot of food that contains acid you will notice the same thing about your breath.

So, what do you think? Have you learned more facts about bad breath while reading this article?

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