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What Are Your Options
When Dealing With Bad Breath?

Most people see commercials and follow product leads in order to solve bad breath problems. They purchase mouthwash, certain toothpastes and rinses in the hope of avoiding the dreaded social disease, "bad breath".


Have you ever been near someone that was unaware that they had bad breath? Perhaps you were at a bar and they were talking real close to your face after having one too many alcoholic beverages.

That particular breath smells of alcohol. Once that person goes home and sleeps it off, his/her breath will smell even worse in the morning.

Someone who eats a lot of onions or garlic will also have bad breath. Individuals who are lactose intolerant and sneak dairy products to eat or drink because they can’t help themselves can also create a situation where they will be accused of having bad breath.

When you notice bad breath in others or yourself, what do you do about the bad breath? More than likely you want to distance yourself from the offending mouth; which is not easy if the mouth is yours.

Most people see commercials and follow product leads in order to solve bad breath problems. They purchase mouthwash, certain toothpastes and rinses in the hope of avoiding tHalitosis bookhe dreaded social disease, "bad breath". No one wants to be caught unaware that their breath could knock out an entire army!

In social situations especially dating it is extremely important to be confident that your breath is not bad. There are many things that you can do to prevent bad breath and also things that you can do to treat bad breath.

You can prevent and treat bad breath at home when you practice good oral hygiene. Moms all over the world instruct their young on how to care for their teeth to avoid cavities, mouth infections and bad breath.

Good dental hygiene includes proper daily brushing of all surfaces of your teeth, getting in between each tooth with dental floss, and making sure that you brush your tongue and gums.

It is not only important how you brush but also it is important to brush long enough in order to thoroughly clean each tooth's surface and to get in-between each tooth. Brushing properly and flossing effectively allows you to lower your chance for bad breath.

Bad Breath Children

The point of cleaning your teeth, mouth and gum is to get as much of these particles off so that bacteria won't be able to enjoy being in your mouth so much. Brushing your teeth, flossing and cleaning the surface of your tongue and gum all help to avoid bad breath. Eating foods that contain strong odors such as onions and garlic you and others will still notice the odors until the foods have passed through your body even if you brush, floss or use a mouthwash because as foods are digested and then absorbed through your bloodstream they travel through your body and are then eventually carried to you lungs where they are exhaled and can smell like bad breath to others or yourself. Dentures when not properly cleaned can also give off bad odors. Bad Breath Children click on the link for more information!

There are other things you can do to lower your risk for bad breath including to not drink alcohol, and to stop smoking both of which are habits that can increase bad breath.

How can you treat bad breath if it happens to you?

Your local dentist can help treat your bad breath by determining if your mouth is healthy or not. Your dentist can also determine the cause of any odor and the source of the odor.

Once the source is determined, your dentist will come up with a course of action to combat the bad breath. If your dentist determines that you have gum disease upon examining your teeth; you will be referred to a periodontist, or your general dentist may be able to treat your bad breath without a referral depending on the expertise of your dentist.

Many commercial products that list that they are for those with bad breath may contain alcohol, which may dry out the mouth creating a situation where bad breath will return.

Besides avoiding alcohol, quit or at least reduce your nicotine smoking or chewing, as this will also give you bad breath. Follow the advice of your dental team and you will win the fight against bad breath.

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