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What Are The  Different
Causes For Bad Breath?

Sources of infection found in the throat, sinuses, on the tonsils, or even in your lungs can all contribute to bad breath. When individuals are in kidney failure they can also have bad breath.


Have you ever wondered just how many causes can be found for bad breath? Bacteria are at the center of most causes of bad breath. Bacteria can be found in abundance at the back of your tongue. This is the very spot where bacteria gather.

Food debris can also be found here. There are other places in your mouth where you might find bacteria including cracks or crevices on the tongue's surface, spaces between teeth, and any tooth decay existing in your mouth. All of these places in your mouth can harbor large quantities of bacteria when you have poor dental hygiene.

This accumulation of bacteria is what makes that odor from your mouth.

Besides bacteria - other causes of bad breath are:

Sources of infection found in the throat, sinuses, on the tonsils, or even in your lungs can all contribute to bad breath. When individuals are in kidney failure they can also have bad breath.

Individuals that have liver disease can also have bad breath. Certain metabolic disorders may also have those who suffer from them exhibit bad breath. Individuals who go on crash diets where they are fasting for long periods of time may also suffer from bad breath.

Food sources for bad breath:bad breath book 99

Onions and garlic are everyone's favorite culprits when it comes to bad breath. Star-crossed lovers say, "hold the onions", when ordering meals. Certain foods are often blamed for bad breath.

It is actually characteristics of food molecules while being digested that set off the unpleasant odor. When bad breath is the result of a certain food that you have consumed, the bad breath will go away on its own in a few days when all the food molecules have been broken down into nutrients or body waste.

If you notice bad breath after eating certain foods on a regular basis, it is easy to control the source of the odor, by avoiding the kind of food that produced the bad odor.

Keeping a food journal that records the type of food eaten and whether or not you experienced bad breath will help you to identify which foods may be the culprit.

Tobacco products as sources of bad breath:

Individuals who smoke are often accused of having "smokers breath". The ingredients of tar and nicotine along with other foul smelling substances create the unusual combination of bad odor that clings to the smoke that can be found on the teeth and other tissues of the mouth of a smoker, such as their tongue, gums and inside of the cheeks of the mouth.

Another thing that makes bad breath for the person who smokes is the fact that the act of smoking dries out the mouth. A dry mouth is a contributing factor to bad breath.

Another contributing factor for smokers is the fact that scientists have shown that those who smoke are more likely to have dental disease as a result of smoking.

Bad Breath Children

Individuals who participate in crash diets may encounter another type of unpleasant bad breath known as "fruity" breath which comes from the breakdown of chemicals in the body when fasting is taken place (ketoacidosis). It is good to know the following tips on preventing bad breath: After you eat, brush your teeth. It is important to remember that you need to brush after every meal no matter where you are - nowadays portable toothbrushes are easy to carry and use while working, traveling or when you are constantly on the go. Bad Breath Children click on the link for more information!

Other causes of bad breath include periodontal disease also known as gum disease, sinus infection, and also other medical conditions can also cause bad breath. Conditions such as liver or kidney disease, bronchial or pulmonary secretions and gastrointestinal system issues.

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