Why Do People React Differently
When Dealing With Anger

Why Do Some React In Anger And Others Not? Two persons can witness the exact same event, one person reacts in anger and the other remains calm, why?

We tend to process information differently because we have different background and experiences. Our personalities are different too. Some have personalities that are very laid back and mellow. Others have personalities that are quick to anger.

While others tend to keep things to themselves and are withdrawn, rarely exhibiting any signs of outward emotion. When different people witness the same event, they will each react according to how they normally process things and how their personalities dictate.

If you tend to react rashly and respond without thinking, you are more likely to be someone who could react quickly in anger without first thinking about your response. If you are the type of person who is a thinker and a planner, you may suppress your anger, long enough to think the situation through before reacting.

Other elements that determine how we react may be physiological or possibly related to genetics. Some persons with certain diseases are overly sensitive and may react in a way because of this sensitivity. Some persons are born with traits of being easily irritated, are quick to anger or very touchy about certain topics.

Researchers are not certain, but believe that there may be a connection to how we respond based on our genetic makeup. We've all heard that Italians are hotheads and Germans are stubborn, this may be name-calling, but it illustrates that there may be something to genetics and how we handle our emotions.

The theory of genetics and our ability to handle emotions; definitely something to explore further. Some feel that it may be sociocultural in that as children we are often times taught to regard expressions of anger as being in a negative light.  


Did You Know This About Anger Management

One Technique For Anger Management Is Relaxation
There are many techniques used to help manage anger. One of the techniques is called Relaxation. There are many ways to relax. The purpose is to help relax your body and mind at the same time. It may take a few tries before you can effectively use any of the techniques described here, but the results are worth the effort. One way to Relax involves your ability to control your breathing and then to further calm down with use of imagery. Breathing When one starts to feel anger...


We're taught that it is OK to express happiness, sadness, fear, or other emotions; but not ok to express when we are angry. As a result children may not learn how to handle feelings of anger. They do not learn how to redirect it into positive and constructive ways that solve the problems or situations that cause them to feel anger.

One last reason could be our family backgrounds are different. Those who come from disruptive, chaotic, emotionally unstable home lives may not learn how to appropriately express or manage emotions.

Others may come from home lives where adults were able to express and control their emotions appropriately and were able to not only demonstrate by example, but teach children in the home how to handle their emotions. Much in the same way that we are all individuals in how we look some tall, some short, some chunky, some thin; we are also individuals in how we think, and act.


Forgiveness is a wonderful attitude to adopt.  Without forgiveness, almost every person would be fighting with someone else. 

You may not be able to forgive someone all the time, and you may not be able to forgive repeat offenders or those who lack remorse, but there are times when you may be able to forgive mistakes and one-off incidents that may cause you to be angry at someone.

How we display emotions, how we process our emotions and how we manage our emotions is as individual as our physical appear is one from the other. We may witness the same event or be mistreated by the same business or person; but our reaction and how we manage our emotions concerning that situation can vary according to our personality and our experience and ability in handling our emotions.


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