When Is It Time To Get Help
To Manage Your Anger

When Is It Time To Get Help To Manage Your Anger The emotion, of anger is something we encounter in our dealings with others and as a reaction to certain events.

Knowing if how we respond when we are angry is appropriate or if we need to master some anger management techniques can sometimes be difficult to determine, partly because it is human nature to reject the notion that we may have a problem with how we behave.

Your first clue may be hearing some of these phrases from those around you: You need to watch your temper buddy!! Why are you always so angry? Cant you control that temper of yours? Listen to those around you, the people you work with, go to school with, or live with and really hear what they are saying to you about your behavior.

Especially pay attention if the above phrases start to sound like a broken record in your head. Some other clues may lie in how you handle things when you are upset, feeling frustrated or experience physical or emotional pain. Do you find yourself reacting in the following ways? Screaming uncontrollably

Throwing objects Slamming, hitting, or beating objects with your hands or feet repeatedly Causing physical injury to yourself or others during fits of anger Seeing or learning how hurt someone has become over words you said to them in anger

Experiencing fits of road rage, even one time can be too many Experiencing damaged relationships with partners, your child(ren), coworkers, friends or neighbors, due to your anger. You have come up against problems at your workplace because of your anger issues. Your doctor explains that some or all of your health issues are related to your manifestations of anger. Y

ou have difficulty handling tough situations without becoming angry. You've run up against the court system as a direct result of your anger. You feel overwhelmed by the problems and issues your anger has created for you, and you are really stressing out about it. We all slip up on occasion and say or do things out of anger when we are overly tired, have had an extremely bad day or have been ill.


Did You Know This About Anger Management

Understanding The Physical Signs Of Anger
In order to better manage your anger, one must be able to recognize the physical signs that are clues that your anger is rising. Your body is a wonderful gift in that it keeps on giving us precious clues as to what is going on with it. Understanding our bodily signals and paying attention to what our body is telling us can help us to live healthier lives. Knowing the signals our body gives us concerning anger can help us to detect anger sooner and give us a better start on controlling our...


Doing any of the above mentioned items with any consistency may signal that you have a problem dealing with your anger and could benefit from either taking classes, seeing a professional or reading books on Anger Management. Doing anything from the above list that results in physical violence against another person or animal during a fit of anger, even one time, should signal a need for help. Knowing that you have a problem managing your anger is half the battle.

Once you have admitted that you have a problem with controlling or focusing your anger, then you can really start to make things better for yourself and others. Being able admit you have difficulty handling your anger and taking steps to learn how to control your anger can give you a real sense of power.


If you, or the people around you, feel that your anger is really out of control, then it is almost certainly having an impact on your relationships and on other important aspects of your life, and you should consider counseling to learn how to manage and control your anger better.

If you have been listening for the clues mentioned in this article or have been hresources. earing the phrases listed here, being said about you; then, take the first step towards managing your anger today. You can start to locate anger management tools, classes and books by asking your physician for these.



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