Using Relaxation For Anger Management

Using Relaxation For Anger Management. There are many techniques used to help manage anger. One of the techniques is called Relaxation. There are many ways to relax.

The purpose is to help relax your body and mind at the same time. It may take a few tries before you can effectively use any of the techniques described here, but the results are worth the effort. One way to Relax involves your ability to control your breathing and then to further calm down with use of imagery.

Breathing When one starts to feel anger brewing inside them, their breathing becomes faster. To effectively calm one self, the first step is to slow your breathing by taking slow, deep intakes of breath.

Concentrate on breathing in slowly, then breathing out slowly. Try to breath deep from your thoracic diaphragm. Your diaphragm is just below your ribcage. If you take shallow breaths, using your chest only, you will not achieve the same level of calmness. So concentrate on breathing deeply. What works for me, is while slow, deep breathing, while exhaling say a calming word, such as relax or tranquility or calming.

Practice the deep, slow breathing with your chosen word so that when a situation arises that you feel the anger rising, you can automatically start your breathing technique. Imagery Imagery is a technique that involves painting a mental picture of a calming scene. My daughter and I will often use imagery when she is having trouble drifting off to sleep due to being anxious or upset about something.

You can use imagery to calm any emotion that makes you uptight or tense including fear, anxiety or anger. I remind my daughter of the scene she decided was her special calming scene. We paint this picture by describing out loud what is happening in her scene. We start by picturing her sitting calmly at the base of a big shade tree. Her back is against the bark and her fingers trail along the grass at her side.

The grass is green and soft to her touch. She hears the gentle stream making little lapping sounds as it flows across rocks off to her left. Birds are softly singing in the branches over her head and sun filters through the leaves to lay warm upon her face.

She can see deer playing in the field in front of her and she watches them frolic with each other. Shortly after this, she is usually asleep. You can use imagery with someone like my daughter and I do, or you can do it by yourself.

You do not have to speak out loud; you can just picture your scene in your head. Various Relaxation Techniques Other ways to relax are through transcendental meditation. Total relaxation is achieved by uttering relaxing words during meditation. muscles.  


Did You Know This About Anger Management

Understanding The Physical Signs Of Anger
In order to better manage your anger, one must be able to recognize the physical signs that are clues that your anger is rising. Your body is a wonderful gift in that it keeps on giving us precious clues as to what is going on with it. Understanding our bodily signals and paying attention to what our body is telling us can help us to live healthier lives. Knowing the signals our body gives us concerning anger can help us to detect anger sooner and give us a better start on controlling our...


Acupuncture is used to help persons relax. Trained professionals who by use of acupuncture techniques can cause the brain, to release chemical compounds, called endorphins. Endorphins help muscles in your body relax. When your muscles are relaxed you are less tense.

Acupuncture has been shown by studies to be effective in reducing panic, anxiety and pain. When you are less anxious and are not as panicked it will be easier to control your anger as well. During the relaxation technique you will feel your breathing slowing down and you should also feel your arm and shoulder muscles relaxing. Sometimes it helps to slowly rotate your head around in circles. This will help loosen and relax your neck

Yoga, a form of progressive relaxation, is another method that works well to relax your body and mind. Yoga has been shown to have similar health benefits that acupuncture achieves. A simple way to relax used by many is to do your favorite form of exercise for 30 minutes.


If you find yourself acting in ways that seem out of control and frightening, or are far out of proportion with the event or person that triggered them, then you should seek help to find better, more acceptable ways to deal with and control your anger. 

A last relaxation technique enjoyed by many is massage. You can do self-massage, but it is far more relaxing to have a partner or professional massage therapist perform total body massage. Any or all of these relaxation techniques can be used to help you manage your anger by learning how to relax your body and mind. Once relaxed it becomes easier to put situations into perspective and to be able to handle the outcome better.


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