Tips for Controlling And
Managing Your Anger

Tips for Controlling And Managing Your Anger. We have all heard the old adage: Count to ten and let your anger cool. This works for small outburst of anger or when you feel it bubble up inside of you. Walking away from confrontations or situations that you suspect may cause you to become angry

Avoid all together situations that have in the past caused you to become angry, if at all possible Biting your tongue I would not advise this one, it could be painful. The meaning behind the phrase, though is to think before you speak in anger. Taking positive action towards resolving the situation.

Sometimes the best way to diffuse anger is by solving the problem that triggers the emotion. Ask yourself this question to put your anger in perspective: Is the situation or person that is causing my anger going to matter to me in a year, five years or ten years from now?

If the situation or person is not an important part of your life, then try to let it go. Another question to ask yourself is this: The action or situation that has occurred is what has been done something that will have a direct and lasting effect on you.

In other words if you are angry because someone just cut you off in your line of traffic, for example; that person is going to drive away and is not going to directly impact you life anymore. This person will not even know you are angry, so your anger is only going to negatively affect you.

Someone who is coming at you with a knife is going to have a direct impact on your life and getting angry with that person will benefit you. If you are not in imminent danger, taking a few minutes to cool off and assess the situation may be just what you need to gather information about what is happening and to better control your reactions.

Practice deep breathing slowly and saying words that will calm you, such as relax, or slow down. Even counting to ten while slowly taking deep breaths may give you the added oxygen to think clearer.   


Did You Know This About Anger Management

The Benefits Of Anger Management Classes
It is likely that if your anger is out of control that someone who cares about you may have mentioned taking Anger Management Classes to you. Taking a class on Anger Management is not something to be ashamed of; it is much like taking any other class. Classes on any subject are provided as a tool to inform and as forums to facilitate discussions on a particular topic. People who attend classes on any subject do so because they have an interest or are required to do so in order to obtain a...


Pacing and counting at the same time will add activity to your calming technique. Allowing yourself to express your feelings in a constructive nonviolent manner will help you to feel better and just may clear the air and help solve the situation. Forgiveness can be a healing balm to anger. Forgive the person who has wronged you and you just may be surprised when you actually start to feel better.

Try not to hold a grudge or go to bed still angry at another person. If at all possible at least attempt to let this person know that you wish to talk further about the situation and to try to come up with a solution that will benefit both of you. Laughter, yes having the ability to laugh about something we do that initially may anger us can soothe us. An example is spilling milk.


Addiction or Substance Abuse Issues:

Extreme forms of anger and rage can be caused by taking illegal drugs, or by the abuse or misuse of legal drugs, such as alcohol and prescription medications.

It may anger you at first thinking about the money lost, but if you can step back and really think about how you may have looked spilling it and can laugh at yourself, you may find that you actually can feel better. Laughter is good medicine. Keep a journal of events and people that are involved during times of anger. This may help you to identify triggers and you may find ways to avoid these situations in the future.


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