The Workplace And Anger

The Workplace And Anger. We react in anger while at work as a reaction to how our boss or co-workers are treating us. Anger may also result from unfair business practices.

Work place stress and anxiety regarding job performance can also trigger anger. What can we do to lessen the workplace anger triggers?

Accept that there will be people at work that will disagree with us, will rub us the wrong way and may even really irritate us in mannerisms, words or actions.

Identify what triggers upset us while at work. What does your boss do that upsets you? What do your co-workers do that really gets your anger up?

Write it all down in your Anger Journal. Sometimes these triggers are behaviors that bosses or co-workers do as a way to "get at you". Like kids playing a mischievous prank. This happens especially when they know you are sensitive about something or they can get a "rise out of you".

If this is the case, try your best to recognize it, and ignore it. When they do not get the desired response from you, they will stop doing these things. Have self-respect for who you are and your abilities. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Despite the mistakes you may make at work; you are still a worthy individual with value.

If a co-worker or boss acts in anger towards you, (unless you are in danger) take time to think about what has been said and see if it makes sense in the "non-workplace world". If it doesn't than, ignore the outburst. Meeting anger with anger will only create a situation that will quickly get out of hand.

Some work situations cannot be reasoned or understood. They just exist to irritate and upset those who have to work there. Do your best to look at situations and decide what is really important and what is just "stuff". Sometimes you just have to rise above the office clutter.

Do your work and leave at the end of the day. Getting involved emotionally with some of the office clutter can lead to emotionally charged situations that are better avoided. Is there a purpose to any office negativity that you can discern? When a situation can be identified and understood, it is easier to manage.

Threats, demands, begging, "brown nosing", these are all elements of workplace mischief. They are designed to get a reaction out of you. Recognize it for what it is and understand that reacting in like manner back can leave you feeling powerless and ashamed of yourself.   


Did You Know This About Anger Management

Managing Anger And The Teenager
Like adults and kids, teens can experience anger too. Let's face it a teenager is going through some heavy-duty physical changes and the hormones that are bouncing around inside a teen's body can create mood-swings, and emotional outbursts that can even surprise them when they happen. Experiencing the emotion anger is a natural occurrence. What we chose to do to express our anger is our choice. The choices we make about how we express our anger is called Anger Management. A teen has many tools...


Try to ignore this type of office behavior as demeaning and beneath you. Keep your dignity and respect for yourself intact. If you should feel anger rising in you, identify it, give it your attention and respect and do your best to control it. Find a solution if possible.

If others are angry with you, ask them to take the time to cool off first and then ask them to air their grievances with you in a not confrontational manner. They can let you know how they feel by email, or interoffice memo. When they write to you, ask them to explain what it is that they are seeking from you.


When faced with a situation that could potentially make you angry, instead of lashing out, force yourself to stay calm.  This means not just controlling and calming your outward behavior, but also controlling and calming your body's internal response to the situation.

Acknowledge their grievance and suggest a problem solving session. When you agree that they have a right to a grievance with you are validating their feelings. Showing you respect them, can open channels of communication so that peace can be restored.


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