So What Is Real Anger

So What Is Real Anger? Anger is a perfectly normal emotion to feel. Anger is expressed when we have been hurt physically or emotionally, have been wronged by someone or when we feel really frustrated.

Anger is a normal human expression in response to an event or person. We all have been angry at some time or another. Like some of our other emotions: love, sadness, happiness, desire, pride and fear; we can experience them in different degrees, depending on the intensity of the experience that triggered the emotion.

As children our emotions can overwhelm us because we have not figured out what to do with them or how to manage them. As we age from childhood to adulthood, we are expected to learn how to manage our emotions, including anger.

Managing our anger is essential when living in societal groups because allowing anger to become out of control can infringe on the rights of others. Uncontrolled anger can cause harm to others or to property. The harm we cause others can cost us not only in monetary terms but also in emotional terms or even in loss of our freedoms. It is wise for all of us to learn how to manage our emotions, especially anger.

Statistics: According to the Sunday Times, a British Newspaper, these are the statistics on anger for British citizens: 45% of Americans lose their temper in the workplace on a regular basis 80% of American drivers have been involved in an act of road rage (witness or actual participant) 1 in 5 adults has an anger management problem.

According to the 2002 WHO report, in the age group 15 to 44, violence triggered by anger causes about 14% of all deaths among males and 7% of deaths among women. These statistics are alarming and are attributed directly to individuals who have yet to be able to manage their anger. 


Did You Know This About Anger Management

One Technique For Anger Management Is Relaxation
There are many techniques used to help manage anger. One of the techniques is called Relaxation. There are many ways to relax. The purpose is to help relax your body and mind at the same time. It may take a few tries before you can effectively use any of the techniques described here, but the results are worth the effort. One way to Relax involves your ability to control your breathing and then to further calm down with use of imagery. Breathing When one starts to feel anger...


Uncontrolled anger causes people to lash out and perpetrate acts of violence that causes pain and destruction to others and to themselves. As the statistics mentioned, some of the consequences of anger has been road rage, violence in the workplace and has even escalated to the point of angered individuals taking the lives of others.

The emotion anger is not an entirely bad thing to experience. Sometimes we can reap benefits from encounters with this emotion. An example would be when you find out that someone has been taking advantage of you. The anger that rises in you can spur you on to take healthy actions that protect you from future abuse by this person.

Anger is an emotional-physiological-cognitive internal state; it is separate from the behavior it might prompt. In some instances, angry emotions are beneficial; if we are being taken advantage of, anger motivates us to take action (not necessarily aggressive) to correct the situation.


It is important to remember that you cannot totally eliminate anger from your life, and this would not be a good thing to do even if you could.  In spite of our best efforts, even the gentlest and most passive person will occasionally experience things that cause them to become angry.

Aggression is action Anger in itself, is an emotional/physiological/cognitive internal condition and is what we experience. Anger is not behavior; it is an emotion that we feel in response to a stimulus (event or person). The emotion of anger may prompt someone to take action to correct a situation and that action can be constructive or destructive


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