Options You Can Do With
Uncontrolled Anger

Options You Can Do With Uncontrolled Anger. When you are not in control of your anger, you may express the rage you feel by physically pounding objects or other people.

When the feelings of anger surface the person will express their anger, suppress their feelings, or remain calm about the situation. Those who chose to express their angry feelings may do so with assertiveness, with aggression or with controlled, calm words or actions.

Someone who is assertive is being respectful of themselves and others while getting the point across in a firm manner. Someone who is being aggressive in expressing anger will not be respectful to others by being loud or abusive in language or by exhibiting physical actions like pushing, hitting, kicking or punching of objects or persons.

Persons who exhibit calm when they are angry may simply make a calm reply or take action like remove an object from the table for instance without saying anything further. They make their point without confrontation or without creating a scene. You can also first suppress your anger and then change and redirect the anger at an object or person.

This may be the case if someone has held their tongue or refrained from taking action and then reaches a point where they are unable to suppress their anger anymore and the suppressed anger becomes redirected. Suppressing you anger can be a part of managing your anger if you think about what you are angry about during the suppression phrase and then redirect that anger into something positive and constructive; like a solution to a problem or to correct a wrong.

The danger in suppression is when it does not become redirected and simply remains suppressed and unexpressed. Suppressed anger can turn inward upon the person feeling it, where it can be destructive to that person's psyche or emotions. Inward contained anger can also express itself unconscientiously in extreme emotional tenseness, high blood pressure or depression. 


Did You Know This About Anger Management

How To Locate Anger Management Classes
Anger management classes can address any number of issues common to individuals in need of controlling their anger. They may also address more specific health related issues that can be at the root of uncontrolled anger that are of a more personal issue. When you are looking into which class to attend asking the facilitator some questions concerning the credential of the class leader as well as what subjects will be taught may help you to decide which class to take. Classes can be designed to...


Unexpressed anger can lead to other problems such as pathological etiologies such as pathological expressions of anger - passive-aggressive behavior (getting back at others and not telling them why) or having a personality that is cynical and hostile (constantly putting others down, criticizing constantly, always cynical). 

These people will have difficulty sustaining healthy relationships. Another way of handling anger after suppressing it, is to remain calm and in control of your internal responses to the situation or person.

You can take steps to control your heart rate, and your anger by meditating, doing yoga etc. Most people feel better when they can redirect their feelings of anger into constructive solutions for the situation. 


Timing for Important Discussions:

Often, fights and arguments are more likely to start at particular times of the day, such as when you get home from work or at bed-time. 

Often at these times, people are more irritable, stressed, and tired, so it is only natural that they are more likely to fight and argue, and therefore become angry, at these times.

Taking positive steps to rectify or correct a wrong can make you feel better about what happened. Anger can be handled in many ways, knowing what is a healthy response to being angry is important for all of us.

Learning how to respond in positive, helpful ways can allow you to express your feelings of anger without causing harm to yourself, to others or to personal property.


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