Medications Used For
Controlling Anger Management

Medications Used For Controlling Anger Management. Anger has many different causes and because the reactions involved vary from person-to-person, there is no magic pill that can help everyone with anger management problems.

Before any treatment can begin to help someone manage their anger, an evaluation must be conducted to determine if the underlying cause is medical or psychological. There are some physicians who believe that certain angry behavior can be hereditary or can be the result of their environment while growing up.

They claim that children raised in a chaotic environment have an increased risk of having anger management problems. It will take a thorough medical and psychological evaluation to accurately determine the cause of a persons uncontrolled anger and treat the cause instead of the anger itself.

Many times the cause of angry outbursts is due to an imbalance of serotonin and dopamine, which can result in depression or anxiety. There are several drugs in use to help bring an adequate balance back into the systems treatment of neurotransmitters, which help signals travel through the brain.

One of the known causes of extreme anger is depression and most drugs used to treat that depression is also being used in anger management programs when medical intervention is necessary. Many physicians and psychologists believe that be treating a patient for depression will help eliminate one of the causes of episodes of anger explosions.

Antidepressants are commonly prescribed when self-control methods of controlling anger do not appear to be working. Drugs such as Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac have long been considered in the treatment of depression among patients. Celexa and Lexipro are also considered anti-depressants and are used in anger management treatment, though not on the same scale as the other three.

Anger is also related to stress and anxiety and anti-depressants do not necessarily share success on these symptoms as well, which is why a qualified evaluation must be completed prior to beginning a drug regimen for anger management.   


Did You Know This About Anger Management

Management Strategies and Tips for Controlling Anger
We've all heard the old adage: Count to ten and let your anger cool. This works for small outburst of anger or when you feel it bubble up inside of you. Walking away from confrontations or situations that you suspect may cause you to become angry Avoid all together situations that have in the past caused you to become angry, if at all possible Biting your tongue - I would not advise this one, it could be painful. The meaning behind the phrase, though is to think before you speak...


Many believe that most anger management issues can be resolved through psychotherapy and by learning how to control their emotions that lead to excessive expressions of anger. Those who are involved in psychopharmacology however believe that there are prescription medications, which can fill certain voids in then brain processes and help reduce the intensity level of anger and help people manage how they interpret circumstances.

While everyone agrees that anger is a natural expression of an emotion, they also agree there are needs to prevent that emotion from controlling the lives of their patients. By allowing their frustrations and stress to manifest into sessions of explosive, and possibly dangerous, anger help in some form is required.


Timing for Important Discussions:

Often, fights and arguments are more likely to start at particular times of the day, such as when you get home from work or at bed-time.  Often at these times, people are more irritable, stressed, and tired, so it is only natural that they are more likely to fight and argue, and therefore become angry, at these times.

Whether it is through the use of prescription medication or psychological help, the need remains to first, help them learn how to react to their anger and then find and eliminate the root cause. Through proper evaluation of the patients needs, medical professionals can determine the level of medical treatment that may be necessary for an individual, treating all patients on a case-by-case basis.


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