Counting To Ten Is Great For
Anger Management

Anger Management By A Count Of Ten Count to ten and most things will improve. In the game, you get to go find your friends. When angry counting to ten can give you time to calm down.

Follow this count and you may find ways to manage your anger.

1. Try to accept the fact that most things that happen to you are not going to be in your control.

You walk outside your home and all the people you meet, the traffic on the streets and the planes in the air are not in your control. People will do and say things that may upset you. Drivers will do stupid things that may slow down your progress.

Planes are late, delayed and even crash without you having anything at all to do with it.

2. Do your best to understand that you and only you can control how you respond to any given situation or person. No one has the power to make you angry. You are the only one who can control your anger.

3. Life can at times, be totally unfair. There is usually nothing at all that you can do to change the unfairness of somethings. Trying to reverse the unfairness of somethings can and does waste your energy and time.

4. No one likes to be around an angry monster of a person. Usually not even the monster! Realize that acting in an uncontrolled fit of anger will push those who care about you away from you.

5. Uncontrolled anger can create a bigger problem and can even make you feel physically ill. Learn to control anger before it controls you.

6. Remain calm. A level head is more likely to stay on and not blow up. Learn relaxation techniques that you can do when situations arise that trigger your anger.

7. Seek out others who struggle with anger in groups that teach how to manage your anger. Discovering that you are not alone can smell like sweet freedom


Did You Know This About Anger Management

Management Strategies and Tips for Controlling Anger
We've all heard the old adage: Count to ten and let your anger cool. This works for small outburst of anger or when you feel it bubble up inside of you. Walking away from confrontations or situations that you suspect may cause you to become angry Avoid all together situations that have in the past caused you to become angry, if at all possible Biting your tongue - I would not advise this one, it could be painful. The meaning behind the phrase, though is to think before you speak...


8. Reward yourself for staying in control of your anger. Pat yourself on the back and be good to yourself for taking the necessary steps to manager your anger.

9. Keep a Anger Journal to help you understand what triggers your anger by recording events and persons that are involved whenever you lose your cool.

10. Talk with those you trust and let them know how you are feeling about things that happen to you and especially about how your anger management is going. Learning how to manage your anger will not only make you feel better, it will give you a since of control over situations that you run up against.


Forgiveness is a wonderful attitude to adopt.  Without forgiveness, almost every person would be fighting with someone else.  You may not be able to forgive someone all the time, and you may not be able to forgive repeat offenders or those who lack remorse, but there are times when you may be able to forgive mistakes and one-off incidents that may cause you to be angry at someone.

Instead of feeling frightened or lost, or unbelievably irritated about something that happens to you; you can meet the situation with controlled understanding, acceptance and the ability to stay focused. When you are in control, you can think clearer about solutions. When you can know what to do about a situation or person, the anger though justified becomes something that you can use to help you deal with things that happen in your life.


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