Vitamins and Supplements
For The Alcoholic 


Vitamins and Supplements may be beneficial to a person suffering from Alcoholism.

Alcoholism can cause the body to deplete nutrients that are necessary for the normal and healthy functioning of the body.

Often times, alcoholics will have a vitamin deficiency especially the vitamins in the B complex category.

A person with this illness might be eating some of the best balanced meals yet end up with a vitamin deficiency.

There is also an indication that people with a deficiency of vitamin B might be more susceptible to becoming dependent on alcohol.

Alcoholics might need additional concentrations of vitamins that their food is most likely not going to provide enough of and the vitamins and supplements that might need further replenishment are: * thiamin or B1 * folic acid * zinc * phosphorus * calcium * magnesium * potassium * Vitamin E Now, the group of vitamins known as B complex will be the best route for most people as it tends to be reasonable. It just makes sense to take the whole vitamin B complex together.

The need to take B vitamins is increased when a person consumes a lot of alcohol or sugar. Furthermore, an alcoholic beverage, typically supplies a person with no nutrition yet it is a simple carbohydrate which provides energy and therefore acts a lot like sugar. Metabolizing these components increases a persons needs for vitamins.

Some problems that can develop if a person becomes vitamin B deficient are: * Anemia * Brain damage due to alcohol induced Korsakoff's syndrome which is a memory disorder Some of the benefits of taking the B complex of vitamins are: * Helps with low blood sugar * Helps to calm a persons body down * can help with depression * can help with the D.T.s While I have seemingly focused on Vitamin B complex, other nutrients - when supplied as an additional supplement - might provide enhanced results.

These supplements are: * high potency multivitamin and multimineral supplement * vitamin c helps to neutralize toxins * Chromium * Lecithin * L-Glutamine this is important as it can help reduce cravings for alcoholic beverages Now that we have had a glimpse at what vitamins are needed in increased quantities for a person living with alcoholism and that are beneficial in helping to restore deficiencies, lets look at what might prevent alcoholism.

Is it even possible that a vitamin could help to prevent Alcoholism? Lets just touch on this briefly.

It is not commonly known that B vitamins might help to reduce the craving for alcohol. But put another way, if a person is deficient in The Vitamin B complex this might cause a person to have an increased craving for alcohol.

As such, based on some studies there is a suggestion that a deficiency of Vitamin B might make you susceptible to an unhealthy habit of drinking alcoholic beverages.

 Did You Know


There are four general rules that are used by diagnosticians to determine alcohol abuse:

1. Recurrent substance use resulting in a failure to fulfill major role obligations at work, school, home (e.g., repeated absences or poor work performance related to substance use; substance-related absences, suspensions, or expulsions from school; neglect of children or household)

2. Recurrent substance use in situations in which it is physically hazardous such as driving a car or operating machinery.

3. Recurrent substance related legal problems

4. Continued substance use despite having persistent or recurrent social or interpersonal problems that are caused or made worse by the substance abuse.


So, you might say that the lack of enough B1 can cause alcohol consumption; or vitamin B1 deficiency can be a consequence of drinking too much alcohol.
Well, as you can probably gather from this information vitamins can be a very big asset and a much needed component in the diet for those who suffer from alcohol dependency.
It might even help to prevent someone from becoming dependent on alcohol.
Interesting Facts

There are many alternatives to alcohol that can actually help a person to feel more creative, less stressed, more confident and even warm.

Exercise is one activity that can help relieve stress and help a person deal with his or her problems.

By applying good eating habits and a good vitamin regimen bad drinking might be avoided.
Keep in mind that vitamins and nutritional therapy are important in the maintenance of an alcoholics system in a major way.
So, be sure to take consultation with a nutritional support physician to help you with the treatment of alcoholism.



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