Helping Someone To
Overcome Alcoholism 


Alcohol is, without question, one of the most commonly abused substances on the planet Earth.

Approximately one out of every fourteen individuals in America alone has a problem with alcoholism.

What these statistics fail to portray, however, is the effect that alcoholism can have on the people besides the alcoholic.

The friends and the family of the alcoholic are most often the individuals who experience the most emotional pain from the alcoholics problem.

In this article, well go over some of the basics of intervening when an individuals drinking problem is getting to be too much.

It is a very difficult procedure to getting an alcoholic to actively seek help. Many individuals that have problems with their drinking are in denial that they are actually damaging their lives through their drinking.

Unfortunately, it is tough to get an alcoholic to listen to you until they are ready to face the facts that their drinking has become a problem that is beyond their control.

They may only realize that their drinking has become a problem when their pain has become too extreme for them to go on.

To that end, the only things that you can really do are work towards not enabling their habit any longer. Many family members of an alcoholic find solace in groups such as AlAnon, or AlaTeen.

These two organizations were formed in order to help individuals who are coping with an alcoholic in their lives.

One of the main ideas that are taught by these groups is that many people who think that they are helping an alcoholic are actually harming them. There are many different ways that you may be actually increasing the problem that they face.

People who care for alcoholics when they come home drunk and then never mention it are helping to encourage the behavior.

On the other hand, those that overly scold the alcoholic for their behaviors may also be contributing to the problem. Also, those who try to explain to the alcoholic that their actions are harming them in some way may also cause an increase in the behavior.

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For the alcoholic, quitting drinking is extremely difficult and something that takes time, patience, and dedication. Recovery is not a task that can be entered into lightly or without reservation. If you don't have access to an AA support group then you have 3 other options.

You can use self-help books where the alcoholic is taking responsibility for his own health. This can work well because once the person knows of the problem it becomes easier to resolve.

By putting together their own plan of action and choosing his own techniques, the alcoholic takes an active role in the recovery process.

The more common techniques include examining the individual’s need for alcohol, decide whether to quit drinking altogether, or just to cut back, identify the reasons for quitting drinking and sharing the recovery plan with others. T

hese are just a few steps that can be involved in self-recovery.

Another thing that someone with alcoholism can do to recover from it is to use a combination of approaches. This could involve working on self-help issues, going to AA meetings and involving other people in the process for support.

The benefit of this approach is that you can work on the issues behind the drinking while at the same time developing some kind of accountability to others.

Plus you would be able to rely on support from people around you when you go through the tough times.


To that end, it is often recommended that individuals in the household do nothing at all when the alcoholic gets out of hand.
In this way, the alcoholic is forced to face the fact that the problems that they are facing with their drinking are their own and they have nothing to do with their familys actions.
That way, the pain is left purely with the alcoholic and they will hopefully realize the problems that they are causing sooner than if you are enabling them through your actions.
Interesting Facts

Talk to someone if you find that drinking is becoming a problem. Seek the assistance of Alcoholics Anonymous. That's what they are there for.

While there is no sure-fire way for getting an alcoholic to realize how their behavior is affecting their lives and the lives of their loved ones, groups such as AlAnon can really help a family to cope with the problem.
Hopefully, they will be able to come to their senses, but another thing that the support groups emphasize is that you are not responsible for the alcoholics decisions. In any case, stay strong.


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