AIDS and HIV Information

The Impact of AIDS On MSM,
(Men Who Have Sex With Men)

MSM as searched on the popular search engine Google can mean many things. You can find that it may mean, "mainstream media", or dimethylsulfone (DMS02), or it can be a magic bullet for treating arthritis pain. In the arena of AIDS it stands for men who have sex with men. It remains that this particular group of men is one of the riskiest groups for contracting the AIDS virus. Men may label themselves differently who participate in MSM. The labels vary from gay to bisexual or heterosexual. No matter how they refer to themselves if men have sex with other men, they are putting themselves into a high-risk category for exposing themselves to the AIDS virus.

The statistics are what makes this group a high risk. Over the last 20 years AIDS has claimed the lives of 300,000 MSM. This statistic is so alarming that men who view themselves in the context of being gay or bisexual are taking a lead in facing the challenges of the AIDS epidemic. Gay organizations and activist groups are headed by MSM.

These organizations and groups have made significant contributions to setting up guidelines that explain AIDS prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of those who suffer from AIDS or are HIV positive. Despite these efforts AIDS continues to take a high toll on this demographic of men, according to 2004 statistics.

Men can be empowered to make a change in this statistic by doing the following things:

Accept responsibility for caring for their families by being there for them.

By taking an active role in helping to end the spread of the HIV virus and by encouraging other men to do the same.

Change the risky habits that they currently participate in.

Be honest about their sexuality and be responsible for providing information to all of their sexual partners male and female.

Become a positive influence and role model for young boys so that the next generation will be less threatened by the AIDS virus.

Speak out on the AIDS issues that breed ignorance and fear about the disease.

Support men who are struggling with any of the vast issues men face who are struggling with sexual preference and the AIDS issues.

Did You Know? 

There are some ways you cannot get AIDS! Many of these myths persisted for years after scientists proved AIDS could not be transferred in these ways. You cannot get AIDS from food or water. Again, it is only transferred by sexual contact or contact with body fluids of an individual who has HIV or AIDS.

Yes, I know there was a myth flying around you could get AIDS by getting a mosquito bite, but again this is not true. Insects and animals cannot transfer the virus to a human. It is fine to adopt a pet from a person who has AIDS. Giving blood cannot give you AIDS.

The danger is in receiving tainted blood that has been donated by someone who has AIDS. Since 1985, this has been rare because all donated blood is run through tests to insure it is not infected with HIV.

It is safe to give blood because all medical equipment used is sterilized and clean. Last, you cannot get AIDS from having every-day contact with a person suffering from AIDS. Shaking hands, giving a hug, or being in the same room with an AIDS patient will not cause you to be infected.

Issues that cover up discovery of male sexual preference can actually increase the threat of AIDS. Men need to understand that secrecy concerning their infidelity causes more than emotional pain, it can put those they are intimate at risk for exposure to AIDS. When there is an unknown factor, precautions are not taken that may otherwise be taken. Tests for AIDS may not be taken as early as should be to lessen the devastation and early onset of symptoms.

Men need to decide that they will be responsible for the choices that they make and the potentially fatal harm that they are inflicting on those who are unaware of the danger they are being exposed to.


AIDS Facts

Educating the population of the world to the dangers of HIV and AIDS and ways to prevent transmission of the disease is one of the key ways to prevent the spread of this disease.

Education about the dangers of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases is needed to help people change their behavior and do more to protect themselves from this life threatening disease.

Men need to understand that Latex condoms are an essential part of protection and prevention from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases and that they are necessary for not only their own protection but for their partners protection as well.



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