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Basic AIDS Information

Most of us know that full-blown AIDS is epidemic in every country in the world.  Over a million people throughout the world have been infected with the HIV virus, which is the forerunner of AIDS.  The disease has been especially devastating for minorities and in the country of Africa.  Women who have HIV and spreading the virus to their unborn children is on the rise and the world is seeing many more children born with the potential for developing AIDS. 

This sad fact has been brought to the world’s attention by many celebrities who are working to help these underdeveloped countries in their fight against HIV and AIDS.

You should already know the difference between HIV and AIDS.  HIV is a subgroup of retroviruses that cause AIDS.  The virus kills cells in the body’s immune system and progressively destroys the body’s ability to fight infections.  This inability to fight off infections also affects some cancers too. 

HIV gradually gets worse until the body is no longer able to fight off the infections and other bacteria that would normally not make people sick.  These opportunistic infections will attack the body and could be potentially life threatening.

AIDS is the acronym for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.  It was first recognized in New York City in 1981.  The virus was isolated and identified in 1983, but it wasn’t until 1985 that a diagnostic test was developed to test for the disease.

Did You Know? 

Homeopathic medicine is another form of alternative treatment plans that are available to the AIDS patient. Many doctors who treat AIDS patients have had success with combining conventional and homeopathic medicines.

Alternative methods of treatment are becoming more accepted in the medical world especially for patients with AIDS. The conventional medical world should not ignore these alternative ways of treatment. Patients with AIDS may insist on trying other methods of treatment while still taking conventional AIDS drugs.

Alternative treatments have been proven to give some patients a better quality of life while being treated for AIDS. Patients with HIV or AIDS should take an active role in the treatment of their disease.

Don’t be complacent or allow others to make critical decisions in your treatment. Work with your medical team and find a group that will help you if you decide to use homeopathic treatments as well as conventional drugs.

Research on the HIV virus and the disease of AIDS has been ongoing since the early 1980’s.  The epidemic is growing and scientists and researchers are constantly working on vaccines and new therapies for AIDS and other HIV associated conditions.  There are over 30 HIV vaccines are being tested on humans and there are many other drugs for HIV or AIDS related infections are still being developed and tested by major laboratories.  Researchers are still trying to trace how the disease progresses and how it damages the immune system.

Researchers are trying to develop a chemical that can be used during sex as a barrier to passing on the disease.  Educating the population of the world to the dangers of HIV and AIDS and ways to prevent transmission of the disease is one of the key ways to prevent the spread of this terrible disease.  Education about the dangers of the AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases is needed to help people change their behavior and do more to protect themselves from this life threatening disease.


AIDS Facts

Patients using homeopathic medicine will normally develop a fever after taking the medication. Homeopaths agree the fever is a helpful part of the response to the medicine and should not be suppressed.

Fever is a response to infection and using homeopathic treatment and medicines encourage this body response.

Research continues and current preventative methods are probably not enough to curb the epidemic.  Many more countries around the world need to commit to implement strategies to both treat and to prevent HIV infection and the more serious AIDS disease.



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